Main lobby 1,000 sq. ft.

$20.00 Each guest room

$100.00 Extra Strength РIf you have had a virus breakout

If you want floors, carpets and walls done please request a quote to add those services.

Main Check-in Area

  • Lightswitches
  • Front desk (both sides)
  • Keyboards, phones and cabinets
  • Waiting area doors, chairs, tables and touch points
  • Obvious visible touch-points

Guest Rooms

  • Lightswitches
  • Door and closet handles
  • Dresser, nightstand & wardrobe handles and knobs
  • Remote controls
  • Bathroom, shower, toilets, vanity counter tops, sink and taps
  • Microwave / fridge / coffee prep area (if applicable)
  • Obvious visible touch-points